Gas Utilities

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What the Utilities

Power Plant

Aside from meeting production process needs, natural gas can also be used to meet commercial and industrial needs as fuel for power plants, in which the electricity produced also takes an important role for production process needs.

Pulp and Paper

The Pulp and Paper industry processes fiber raw material into pulp, paper, board, and other cellulose-based products. This industry needs large quantities of natural gas to operate well as heating fuel for production process and pulp and paper drying.


The Ceramic Industry uses natural gas as fuel to heat the raw material mixture during production process to create quality ceramic products.

Basic Metals

Natural gas energy is needed as heating fuel during the processing of metal ores to basic metals through smeltering and reduction/ furnace. Natural gas is also needed for industries that process basic metals to billets, smals, rods, or mixed ingots for the foundry industry.


Natural gas is used in this sector as fuel to process rubber products, such as boilers, burners, and oven dryers.


Natural gas is generally used in the Glass Industry sector as fuel for furnaces to heat materials and create high quality glass products.

Metal Processing

The metal processing process in the industry sector that further processes intermediary industry’s products to semi-finished products through factory and final work to become finished product requires natural gas as fuel during production phase.


The Chemical Industry is one of the largest natural gas users. This industry, which includes petrochemical, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, polymer, paint, and oleochemical segments, uses natural gas as fuel for production process.

Food and Beverage

Natural gas is used as fuel in equipments such as boilers, thermal oils, and flyers. With clean combustion results, environmentally friendly natural gas also supports the sanitation and safety of food and beverage production.

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